MMP Certification

MMP Know the Deal

Claim your place in the middle market by completing this self-guided program. With a challenging and informative series of lessons, videos and lectures, the program provides ACG’s community of high-achieving professionals like you the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of –and standing within– the middle market.

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Expect the Middle-Market Professional certification program to cover:

  • Financial Markets Overview 
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Projections
  • Comprehensive Valuation Analysis
  • How to Create Robust Financial Models
  • Merger Modeling
  • The M&A Process, A-Z
  • Regulatory, Legal and Ethical Considerations


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Individual Rates

Exclusive ACG Member Rate: $1,895*

Standard Rate: $2,195*

Group Rates

5 Student Package: $1500/person = $7,500*

10 Student Package: $1250/person = $12,500*

*Plus taxes if applicable.

Test Dates

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Upcoming Test Dates

  • Friday, June 3, 2022

Important Notes: Testing will begin at 5 a.m. Eastern, Friday and close at 11 p.m. Eastern, Saturday. If you register less than two weeks before an exam, you will be put into the next testing window; otherwise, you are expected to take the next test following your registration date. A $250 fee applies if you move your test date.

Course Requirements

  • There are no pre-qualifications required to leverage this valuable course

  • Estimated 30-40 hour (4-6 week) self-study commitment, depending on your experience.

  • Gain superior financial training within a well-designed educational hub... at your own pace.

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