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ACG’s Endorsed Partners bring value during all stages of a deal. Both ACG and the partners understand the challenges that the middle market faces and we work together to bring valuable solutions to our members. Our team knows where to look and how to evaluate the very best providers so you can be confident that the companies displaying the ACG Endorsed Partner logo come at our highest recommendation. ACG not only trusts and approves of our Endorsed Partners, but they are companies we choose to work with.

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 allows companies of any size to integrate and modernize customer engagement by elegantly transcending siloed data and disparate technologies, providing a frictionless and truly connected customer experience.  

The DXP will allow us to modernize and streamline the various ways that our members interact with us digitally, from managing their memberships to online communities and educational offerings. We are looking forward to this launch in 2022."

- Matt Hickman, COO, ACG


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Grata is a modern company search engine for proprietary deal sourcing, market mapping and targeted B2B campaigns. Technology is making deal-sourcing faster and more precise, and Grata has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools in your process.  

"Technology is making deal-sourcing faster and more precise, and Grata has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools in your process. Grata is a search engine that uses machine learning, natural language processing and online data to collect information about target companies, so you can search by keyword, size, ownership, business model, growth and past funding. Coupled with the networking power of ACG and the forward-looking investment content in our new Next Target newsletter powered by Grata's insights, members have a clear sourcing advantage. They also get access to exclusive subscriptions to the platform through their membership."

- Tom Bohn, CEO and President, ACG


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Insperity is a full-service HR solution that allows you to spend more time focusing on growing your business, leaving your HR needs up to them. Complete with dedicated support, Insperity takes the time to understand your business and matches you with a package that fits your business needs.  

“In these challenging times, companies need more than a solution, they need a partner. Insperity is a tried-and-true solution for our members and the companies that they serve. It is the right solution for middle market companies.”

- Tom Bohn, CEO and President, ACG


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